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Winnipeg Data Science Meetup- Jan 17

January 17 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


In-person Winnipeg Data Science Meet-Up’s are back in 2023 !

Our January 2023 meet-up will be an in-person only event.


Featured Presentation:

Data Collectors of the Sky

Aerial Drones have long since passed the stage of toys to play with, and are rapidly being accepted as one of the most prolific data collectors of our time. Drones can collect huge volumes of data in a wide variety of electromagnetic spectrums and imaging formats at high resolution and at high speed.

Some of the more prominent applications of drone-collected data include all forms of inspection, digital agriculture, 3D mapping and many more.

Since aerial drones occupy the same airspace as manned aircraft, drone pilots today need to be trained in many of the same skills as any other pilots; they just fly drones not regular aircraft.

One of the biggest challenges in drone data collection is the sheer volume of data being collected. With many commercial drones carrying high resolution cameras in addition to other payloads, a single flight can yield terabytes of information that needs to be sorted, interpreted and processed into usable formats for analysis.

Increasingly, the use of computer vision and other forms of AI algorithms are used to help qualify and sort the mountains of data points returned.

Today, some of the major trends in the drone industry revolve around locating more of that machine intelligence on the drone itself, beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations and hybrid propulsion systems that allow drones to stay in the air for longer and longer periods of time.

This talk will provide an introduction and overview of the drone industry, with a particular focus on practical uses of aerial drone today, drone data management, post-flight data analysis and on-board drone intelligence. Several sample drones will be available on display for viewing by meet-up attendees.


Featured Speaker:

Grant Barkman
President and Director of Flight Operations, DroneWorks

Grant Barkman Is the principal of two related companies based here in Manitoba, DecisionWorks ( and DroneWorks (

DecisionWorks is the management consultancy group that utilizes drone imagery and collected data to support corporate decision-making initiatives.

DroneWorks is dedicated to drone flight operations and training.

Together they represent the full spectrum of drone usage in a variety of applications such as videography, remote infrastructure inspection, digital agriculture, survey & mapping, public safety, construction, environmental monitoring and land usage planning.

Grant is both a fully accredited pilot as well as a drone pilot. He holds a variety of aviation-related accreditations, including being a Transport Canada flight examiner. For Grant, aviation and Data Science are both passions which he has built into the foundation of the two companies he leads.


January 17
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Launch Co-working Exchange district
167 Lombard
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