Mapmaking Decisions To A Deadline – Kenneth Field

Mapmaking Decisions To A Deadline – Kenneth Field

  • Posted by MGUG Admin
  • On September 21, 2021

Like many events in the past year the 2020 Esri international User Conference went virtual. For many Esri staff it meant learning a whole new set of skills to prepare and deliver content online, and there were also some interesting peripheral activities that many were engaged in. For me, it included taking part in UC Central – a live tv style programme. And as part of that I made a map.

Except I didn’t have days or weeks to make the map. I got data at 9pm one evening, and had to deliver the map before 6am the following day.

In this blog I’ll explore some of the decisions I had to make rapidly, and the difficulties of wrestling with a dataset that contained a really difficult outlier. Maybe you’ll not have to make a map to such a tight deadline (though many in the journalism profession in particular will be familiar with the constraints) but some of the decisions I took might help whatever your deadlines demand.

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