London using LiDAR to make a ‘digital twin’ of the City

London using LiDAR to make a ‘digital twin’ of the City

  • Posted by MGUG Admin
  • On October 1, 2021

London city officials are building out a digital version of Harrow, one of the city’s 32 boroughs, and, no, they’re not just tinkering around in SimCity.

They’re creating a digital twin based on lidar, a radar-like tech that builds accurate representations of its surroundings via pulses of light, and which is seen as key technology in enabling autonomous vehicles to “see.”

Until recently, that may not have been an option for city officials in a ~250,000-person city borough—when lidar was first introduced for autonomous vehicles, it cost around $75,000 for a single unit. But lidar has gotten a lot cheaper and more ubiquitous in recent years, as companies have found economical workarounds like using fewer lasers or cheaper materials.  Now, some companies, like Ouster and Ibeo, say they’ll begin selling lidar sensors for sub-$1,000 prices in the coming years.


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