Thank-you to all of our attendees, speakers, and sponsors for another successful fall conference.

Manitoba GIS User Group

Meeting Place for the GIS Community


16 Nov 07:42 pm

How have you celebrated GeoWeek? For many of us as professionals we use GIS on a daily...

Land cover map of North America at 30-meter spatial resolution released by the CEC
7 Nov 07:53 pm

Montreal, 2 November 2017—A new map produced by the trinational North American Land Change Monitoring System (NALCMS)...

Prairie Climate Center – New maps highlight changes coming to Canada’s climate
22 Oct 11:57 am

A new series of maps made by climatologists at the Prairie Climate Centre highlights just how vulnerable...

Winnipeg Free Press -Most Common Winnipeg Tree Maps.
22 Oct 11:51 am

Winnipeg has one of the largest remaining mature urban elm forests in North America, but that’s is...




Another #OpenStreetMap night for the books! We added a ton of buildings!

@kyleowens Come to our #openstreetmap nights! You can't eat badges, but you can get meat, cheese and coffee made by @nodirections