The Manitoba GIS User Group (MGUG) is a vendor-neutral non-profit organization of geomatics professionals and interested individuals using or supporting the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial data management, analysis, and visualization. Formed to facilitate communication between people working in all areas of GIS, the User Group meets to allow its members to learn more about current activities and technologies within the industry and to network with their peers.


To facilitate communication amongst the geomatics (GIS, GPS, surveying and remote sensing) community in Manitoba.


Provide opportunities for networking

Promote communication and exchange of information amongst the membership

Focus on topics and interests that impact Manitoba

Provide opportunities for professional development

Organize and hold conferences, and other meetings throughout the year

Promote the local geomatics community


The development and maintenance of a website for use by members.

The holding of and participation in Conferences and Workshops

The publication of stories and community events

The development and maintenance of a directory of local organizations

The teaching of geomatics topics of interest to its members

Working and/or partnering with similar groups and organizations

Other activities and undertakings  appropriate and consistent with the purpose and strategic priorities of MGUG

If you are interested in being involved with MGUG and have a passion for geomatics, please consider becoming a member!

MGUG Board of Directors

Manitoba GIS User Group Board of Directors are collectively and individually responsible to the Membership to oversee the business of the organization in an effective manner. The Board is accountable for the performance, strategies, policies and performance of the organization, and is governed according to the rules outlined in the MGUG Constitution, Canadian law, and our MGUG privacy policy.


Board position details and vacancies can be viewed here