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  • Unlocking the full potential of mobile laser scanning for infrastructure monitoring

    Exploring the complete potential of mobile laser scanning raises the question of whether the obtained results are sufficiently accurate for deformation monitoring. This article focuses on the geometric quality of mobile laser scanning and proposes a method to enhance it to a level where it can be effectively employed for civil infrastructure monitoring. Read more details under the following link:

  • Call for conference speakers

    In 2024, Geo Week and ASPRS are organizing a single, comprehensive conference program. They are seeking abstracts for presentations on cutting-edge digitization projects, unique applications for lidar, imagery, remote sensing, photogrammetry and other geospatial technologies, and innovative digital workflows for complex built world projects. If you are interested read more under the following the link:

  • Mapping Snowpack and Forecasting River Rise in California

    The following article explains new GIS-based mapping methods and technologies for assessing snowpack levels and predicting the timing and amount of water runoff from snowmelt. Click the link below for more details: